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Video shkool playing on an acoustic guitar. The archive contains a text file with a description of lessons learned and links to them. Summary on site
1. Guitar - familiarity with the tool, change the strings, tuning the guitar, tuning out. What is useful for practicing.
2. Landing. Setting the right hand. Picking.
3. Statement of the left hand. Reading tablature. Simple melodies.
4. Exercises for Guitar.
5. Playing position. Fingering.
6. Rhythm. Pace. Metronome.
7. Simple guitar riffs
8. Performance under minus.
9. The complex melody.
10. Outcome.
11. Comp.
12. Chords. Major, Minor.
13. Arpeggio (strumming).
14. rhythmic patterns (play-fight). We play with the chord progression.
15. Acceptance of Barry. The movable chord forms. Sharp, Flat.
16. The rest of the chords.
17. How to disassemble the song.
18. Key transposing, capo.
19. Striking techniques for accompaniment.
20. Outcome.
21. The rhythm and solos.
22. Technique mediator games.
23. rhythmic patterns mediator.
24. Perebory mediator.
25. Power chords.
26. Top of guitar techniques.
27. Reading complex tablature. Guitar Pro.
28. Analysis of the rhythm parts.
29. Analysis of the solo.
30. Outcome.
31. Instrumental guitar, fingerstyle.
32. Instrumental compositions.
33. Step by step analysis.
34. Analysis on the tablature, the analysis of the finished arrangement.
35. Percussion in fingerstyle.
36. Patterns.
37. Performing tricks.
38. eat and the selection of works.
39. Arrangement.
40. Outcome.
41. The further development. Musical genres, styles, techniques. Course Plan, motivation.
42. Music Theory for guitarists.
43. The development of hearing.
44. Improvisation.
45. Electric.
46. The guitar for fingerstyle.
47. Recording of the house. Hardware, software, examples.
48. Activities with the teacher.
49. Creating a guitar channel on YouTube.
50. What to read that play.
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