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Lesson №67. Modeling thread (decor) for 3D-pattern (mesh * .stl)

The second lesson modeling decorative thread in the program SolidWorks. In this lesson we will look at a very interesting way to simulate the pattern. As a template, we will use the model of the decorative trim in the format * .stl. Although these goals may come and any other file in the following formats: * .nzip, * .nxm, * .scn, * .3ds, * .obj, * .stl, * .wrl, * .ply, * .ply2. Figuratively speaking, we are in this video tutorial, a detailed look at the transformation of 3d-models on the way: From the 3Ds MAX in SolidWorks ...
This method is the easiest and fastest. And suitable in most cases such a transformation. The main difficulties and pitfalls of this method are: 1. You need a lot of computer resources (the more the better); 2. A model of the above formats, must have the correct geometry, without errors, failures and blockages surfaces. But this is not the main point, just have to spend more time modeling.

Therefore, if will choose a model example * .stl formats, see these aspects. Where to look for them, I will not write. As they say: "Finder to help you." They are both free and paid. Free little lower quality, although there are very decent 3d-model.
19.11.2014 19:51:09
Большое спасибо ! ! ! За прекрасные ,профессиональные уроки ! Так держать,буду ждать продолжения уроков. О методах расчёта в CossmosWorks( в Вашем исполнении это было бы здорово).
11.10.2014 15:02:11
Файлы получил, все хорошо

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