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"The greatest merchant in the world" (the words of the "Guinness World Records") tells how he made his fortune - and how you too can do it!

Meet Joe Girardi, who says: "Traders are not born, but becomes. If I did it, so can you. I guarantee you."

In his book, Joe Girard shows that each trader can achieve extraordinary success, talking to customers face to face and carefully thinking through all the necessary steps to allow to come to a deal.

Starting with the fact that how to speak, making phone calls, "the street" (which, incidentally, have successfully triggered), and until the "stuck" oscillating buyer, this book presents a complete and has no competitors in Girard's sales system, which includes:

- The law of two hundred and fifty, open Joe Girardi - one successful sale can generate a pyramid of 25 more;

- Secrets reconnoitering customer data, which ensures future sales;

- The art of the use of "sniffer" - how to take advantage of other people who will work for you;

- A unique method Joe Girardi, allowing look at the potential customer as a friend and enemy at the same time - until the conclusion of the transaction;

- Five ways to turn a prospective customer into a real buyer.

The volume of the book: 288.

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