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Horoshaeva I. Vylegzhanina I. - 1C Accounting 7.7: Practical course for the novice user

Handbook «1C: Accounting 7.7" continues the series "When there is a system of knowledge," issued by the company "Knowledge" of Russia. Benefits of this series in the form of workbooks and can be used in the classroom with a teacher, and self-paced computer software.

The theoretical material is well structured and supported by an integrated, intuitive and multi-level system of practical tasks. The practice of a single plot of the combined

administered during the quarter, accounting for industrial and commercial enterprise

where trading is conducted both wholesale and retail. Two variants of the beginning of the automated accounting: on new and existing enterprises. Right

assignments can be monitored by trained given in Appendix

trial balance and transaction log.

Careful design of allowances creates favorable conditions for the study of the material.

The manual is approved and recommended by 1C.

computer courses for students, high schools students and institutions a broad range of first-time users.

The tutorial is designed in the framework of the knowledge society of Russia "Computer education for adults"

The volume of the book: 105.

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