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JAVA. Library programmer - Jamsil Chris

Introduction to JAVA

Welcome to the "library of the programmer Java"!

When we first started working on this book, we wanted to create a product that programmers find in the book everything they need for productive work with Java. We thought it would be wonderful if we can give examples of real programmers programs that they can be placed in Web-pages of their clients. We also wanted to introduce large fragments of code that programmers were able to quickly mount them in their own programs. Finally, we wanted to create some common (universal) applications (such as software-dialogue-based Java), which will allow programmers to see the full power of Java.

After some time, we have learned that you liked our programs. We have created some practical examples that can be used daily on the Web-pages. We have developed a number of high-tech applications based on other Internet protocols, such as FTP. But more importantly, we have created some really interesting programs (eg, Magnify, as contained in chapter 28, Eraser (refer to Chapter 45) and the LED Clock, contained in chapter 33). If you're really good at programming, it is highly appreciate our work.

However, our package was not complete as long as we have not decided to release in addition to the CD-ROM (available separately) with the Java Development Kit for Windows 95 and Windows NT. So, in addition to the book on CD-ROM you will find the compiler Java, debugger, program to run and view all applets and sample programs in this book, which had been developed on the SUN! In short, "JAVA. The library of the programmer." - A complete course on Java!

Note: If you are not using Windows 95 or Windows NT, do not worry, at the end of this chapter we will tell you how you can download a software development kit Java (Java Developer's Kit) to your. computer from the Web-site of the company SUN.

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