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Script calculator on javascript, and html.

It allows visitors to calculate the cost of delivery, depending on its weight and destination country.

Script calculator cargo delivery allows you to select the following options:


? Country of destination (receiving) of cargo. Vvypadayuschy list select.

? The weight of the load (the text box).

Script calculator website design calculates and displays:

================================================== ===

? The total cost of delivery of cargo "Total".

Technical information on the calculator website design:

================================================== ===

? Does not require PHP and MySQL.

? Support: Opera (yes), Yandeks.Brauzer (yes), Google Chrome (yes), Firefox (yes), Safari (yes), Internet Explorer (not defined).

? open source CSS. Just change the style and create a unique design of the calculator.

? open source Javascript with comments makes it possible to further increase the functional calculator.

? calculator is not a plug-in module or Joomla or Wordpress, added directly in the code of the village.

The formula for calculating the cost of the calculator script of delivery:


= Total weight of the load * Country + base cost of delivery;
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