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A program for the social network VKontakte.
1.Podderzhivaetsya multi-client: work in multi-threaded mode with multiple accounts.
2.Vstuplenie in and out of groups as well as all single account.
3.Rassylka, wall posts, private messages attach files to messages. Music, video, pictures, etc.
3.Priglashenie friend in the group as one (all accounts, multithreading) and all accounts at once.
4.Podderzhivaetsya changing text macros of the form {Hello | great | good day} the output will be randomly chosen word
5.Podderzhivaetsya Antigate.kom service for auto-enter captcha
6.Poisk people search for groups according to specified parameters.
7.Posting the walls groups of people search
And many other useful functions for working in plumbing.
Mass sending private messages.
Messages are not visible to the sender.
Wall messages to friends and users.
Picture comments and avatars.
Attach photos, videos and music.
Fill a photo from your PC, video from youtube.
Simultaneous execution of tasks.
Search for an unlimited number of people.
Search groups.
Invite people in your group.
Invite to friends.
Mark all your friends in the picture.
Download music.
Putting huskies.
Join groups.
Assembling information (phone, icq, skype).
The ability to quickly and easily to supplement the program of work with their scripts
The program is simple and accessible to everyone.
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