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You are invited to purchase a license key to activate the program
Antivirus Kaspersky Internet Security 2015-2018 version 3 devices 6 months REGION FREE
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Before entering the code on your PC, you must install it from the official website of the program:


Kaspersky Internet Security allows you to search for information, shop and socialize in
Internet without worrying about the threats. In this work the anti-virus on your computer virtually invisible.
Hybrid Protection to respond quickly to new threats.
Secure Payment protect your data when making purchases on the Internet and use
online banking. NEW!
Protection against exploits prevents malware exploit vulnerabilities in systems and applications
to gain control over the computer and identity theft. NEW!
Watcher detects suspicious activity programs and allows you to undo harmful changes.
Control determines the right programs in the system on the basis of their reputation.
Instant verification reputation provides you with current information about the reputation of software and web sites.
Web filter blocks dangerous websites.
Firewall protects against hacker attacks.
Virtual Keyboard and anti-phishing protect your personal data. Improved!
Secure data entry with a conventional keyboard provides additional protection for sensitive information. NEW!
Anti-Spam and Anti-Banner to block unwanted content.
Parental Control protects your children online. Improved!
Emergency Repair Disk allows you to restore the system in case of infection.
Compact updates minimally affect the consumption of computer resources and Internet traffic.

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06.06.2018 17:47:24
Все активировал
06.06.2018 13:46:44
18.01.2018 21:44:53
Все работает. Ключ пришел мгновенно.
08.01.2018 22:04:58
Все работает!
09.12.2017 11:52:23
Все Ок
10.05.2017 18:16:21
гуд, сенк
04.04.2017 23:45:51
сразу же получил ключ в email. работает. удачи продавцу и всем.
21.03.2017 17:08:03
Все работает! Спасибо!
20.11.2016 13:47:47
06.11.2015 15:02:48
Спасибо большое отличный продавец.За товар отвечает.

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