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1. Structure of the market of building form:

2. A legal or natural person osusche¬stvlyayuschee on the rights of investors or on behalf inves¬tora investment project for stroitel¬stvu -

3. A legal or natural person performing the installation, and other services under the contract with the customer -

4. The price of construction products is determined sle¬duyuschimi factors:

5. The legal framework developed by rukovod¬stvom Gosstroy Russia and the Federal Agency for stro¬itelstvu and housing and communal services, obyazatel¬na:

6. Generic Name estimate standards, prices and quotations, grouped into separate collections.

7. The collection of resources (zat¬rat construction workers, working time stro¬itelnyh machines, the need for materials, products and structures, etc.) installed on the received izmeri¬tel construction, installation and other works:

8. State regulation of prices for construction products is carried out by the state with the help of:

9. GESN 2001 stands for

10. elemental estimate standards include:

11. Enlarged estimated ratios are expressed as:

12. The estimated cost of construction and installation works include:

13. In the local cost estimates determined:

14. In calculating the estimated object is determined by:

15. What costs do not include direct costs:

16. The estimated price of the materials must be of the form:

17. In calculating the estimated using the following methods:

18. Evaluation of material resources must be carried out:

19. The sequence of works as part of the local budget:

20. The document, which reflects the estimated cost of construction and installation work:

21. What is the method of determining the estimated cost of construction and installation work is based on the use of current and forecast indices relative to the value specified in the ba-crisis level:

22. How many chapters contained in the summary estimate for the construction of:

23. Which of these subjects is not uchast¬nikom construction market:

25. Documents confirming the estimated cost of construction materials:

26. Calculating the cost of construction and installation work in current prices and tariffs for the resources needed to implement the design solution, tend to:

27. Using collections FER and TER characteristic:

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Огромное спасибо, большая экономия времени!!! Очень удобно!
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Все приходит очень быстро, спасибо.