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By popular demand of readers Petersburg third number "Gippomanii" contains "Petersburg page". They contain advertising clubs and stables in the region, as well as information Equestrian Federation of St. Petersburg, including preliminary calendar of events for 2005, an article about the novice rider V.Frolova first lessons in the club "Tulpar" and more.


The fact that Anke Van Gryusven new sponsor of the US Salzgeber seminars in Australia, the results of the Polish World Cup Jumping (December 2004) and many other things you learn from this section.

NEW ERA horse breeding or Third Congress

Authors: A.Naumova, V.Stepanovskaya

The first two conferences were held before the revolution. And now - as a revival of national consciousness konnozavodcheskih - on the initiative of one of the Moscow stud farm was called the third. The article tells about the reports and speeches at the convention and arising in connection with the authors thoughts ...

Auction in Moscow Stud Farm

Author: V.Stepanovskaya

The first auction for many years - that alone makes pay close attention to the story of this event. Here we note only that the auction took place at a height and the next will be held in May.

"GOLD" in equestrian sport - in Pushkin and Pavlovsk

Author: V. Samara

President of the National Federation of therapeutic riding and equestrian sports wheelchair talks about the past events of the outgoing year - championship of St. Petersburg and the Cup "Sunny Island". From the article, you'll learn more about that in the Pushkin neighborhood are going to build a specialized equestrian center, and in 2006 already will be qualifying for the World Games in China ...


Author: I.Kupershtok

We continue to expand the geography covered gippomaniey world. At this time - we have learned about the life and work of the horse-riding school in our Siberian colleagues. They also had a hard time, but now the school is actively developing and introduces readers to plan their events for 2005

Horsehead holidays by the Msta

Author: S.Lyulin

Every year on August 31 Our ancestors celebrated the feast of Saints Florus and Laurus, patrons of horses in Russia. This year in the village of Great threshold Borovichi district of Novgorod region on the shores of rapids Msta tried to restore the people's horse festival as it was in the old days ...

MEMORIES Gusarov About Borodino 2004

Authors: S.Dorohovsky, A.Manzhola

Reconstruction of the Borodino battle scenes - the so-called annual action at Borodino. More than a thousand equip participants about 30 guns and 150 cavalrymen gathered here on September 4. The fact that they were doing and how to tell the witnesses and participants of the "battle".

Personal impression of the Kirov factory

Author: Elena Verdenber

The author - livestock, devoted a lot of time, love and effort Trakehner - both in theory and in practice. She - the author of articles on Nyamunskom stud about plemkoneferme "Zeus" and others. ("Horses of St. Petersburg"). Now Elena lives in Switzerland, but does not leave his favorite theme - that it is using Anastasia Konstantinova created a Russian-language website dedicated to Russian trakenam. This summer, Elena and Anastasia realized dream - Kirov visited these stud - the "Mecca of Russian Trakia". On his impressions do not always coincide with the previously composed and generally accepted notions alive emotional language that did not affect the quality and quantity of information offered to the reader.

PS Please note: the author of the photos in the paper and design advertisements website "Russian Trakia" and the Kirov factory (3rd cover page), as well as website design - and - Anastasia Konstantinova .


Author: Elena Werdenberg

Priceless, in our opinion, information about the collision of the author to the problem tendon contracture in the foal's favorite, the author of a comprehensive study of the problem and its resolution. Especially interested in the experience of the Russian rider under the Swiss, its comparison and recommendations with regard to the Russian conditions for possible companions in misfortune.

We fix without coercion

Author: Sofia Baskin

There is a science - applied zoopsychology whose task improvement of the relationship between man and animal. In this small article, the author tells of only one very simple means, rather, a way to "immobilize" the foal at the time of the necessary procedures, not only without any violence, but also very pleasant for your pet.


Author: Tatiana Livanov

Detailed, relevant and very interesting study of the behavior of foals and their interaction with other living creatures - horses in the herd, with his mother, to a man, other animals. The article classified and described in detail the general features of the behavior of foals that are of practical interest for everyone, one way or another dealing with a live horse - even adults. For once, and she was a foal ...

What we know about the warm-up?

Author: Catherine Bolotnikova

All new horsemen come to the Russian equestrian world where a lot of professionals, teachers and counselors, but few of them can give a clear and correct answers to all questions. The most advanced are not lowered hands and continue to ask questions - imagine a horse, very helpful in this regard may be western magazines.

This article contains revised information from St. Petersburg rider English magazine "Your Horse" on the meaning and methods of horse warm up before exercise.


Author: Mario Prisco

The third part of the series of Italian Jumping M.Prisko provided and translated N.Obuhovoy. This time we read about such necessary in the riding, and jumping - especially things like balance, saving rate, stability, focusing sight during a jump, and more. al.


Author: Elena Chubarov

Elena Chubarov - the owner of the diploma of musical theater actress, she worked in the Variety Theatre, now - led by Dance Theatre Hi-Hat, teaches dance: flamenco, jazz, classical choreography.

Horses - a long-standing passion for Helena. But after meeting with the performances of Bartabas she decided to try to combine the horse and dance. No sooner said than done. Of all the flamenco dance was chosen ... It is this dance was to captivate the four-legged partner, which became budennovets Semester ...

On horseback, on dance

Author: Anastasia Naumova

The theme of "Horse and Dance" continues to develop, and even conducts in-depth study A.Naumova. Rhythm, balance, grace, partnership - these qualities are characteristic as the art of dance and horse riding. Not for nothing had once taught at the same time dance teacher and horse riding. The author examines and compares the sources and terminology of these two arts.


The article written by the author, who wished to remain anonymous, who spent a long time at the Academy of equestrian spectacle at Versailles. The reliability of evidence is combined with romantic feelings, inspired by a combination of the glorious majesty of the royal residence of the world, the high art of riding, which breathe the walls of the local arenas already the 5th century, and just admiration for horses maestro Bartabas.


Author: Anna Bilenka

Anna continues to acquaint us with the great masters of the past. The article is devoted to a very humble, did not leave behind a single portrait captain Raab, student Bose, which greatly developed and revised the system of teacher. He was a brilliant observer, first thoroughl
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