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BONUS: Analogue script Web-Stil.Info (cost: $ 1.11)

Collection of plug-ins for towage of Sooofast.

There persoonalnogo for certificate and for formal!

Many fit and so and so!

39sht.Stoimost - more than $ 10!

Full list:


Avtovyplaty (certificate)

Lock System (Serious stuff)

Authorization through wmid before regoy


Lock multi accounts

Bonus Rege

Time (before beginning to sleduyschey)

Sign in with wmid



Link Directory

The project leaders

Check attetstata

New links (NEW!)

Violators (List pomoymu)

Captcha (New)


Counting clicks on paid advertising

Buying refs

Checking the conformity of the purse and the MMFA

Advertisement before payment (Affiliate banners)

Pseudo - Links

Register (Letter to the email with the password and account, so do not forget)

Refbek (uzhastno good plugin)

Paid advertising (rotation, too bad)

List of advertisers

Maintenance (buttons, which is like to chat)

Notifications (certificate of need pomoymu) on wmid

Guess number!

Office prices for clicks

Login form on the main

Advertiser Hour (1 hour per day advertisers discount)

Rotator banner 100x100

Change time view

Dynamic banners with int. accounts

Not to change the Refah

That's all, almost all plug-ins contain the installation instructions!
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