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We offer you to buy a "package will be an astrologer," won a detailed tutorial astrology guide to the astroprotsessoru ZET8, where you will learn all kinds of horoscopes podogovku: horary, love, marriage, compatibility, personal, baby.

On top of the package includes the distribution program ZET8 - universal astrological program. It is a powerful tool for professional astrologer, easy to learn and easy to use for the novice astrologer, astrology and astronomy lover.

Package includes guidance on how to use Zet 8 is written based on the novice astrologer who wants to quickly and easily master the basic concepts of astrology and proceed to the practical application of the program in their own astrological ZET8 salon. After reading the manual, you can:

- Build a personal horoscope and horoscope compatibility of partners.

- Get an individual astrological forecast for 3 days in a graph with interactive commentary.

- Get a high-quality printout of the astrological chart a laser or inkjet printer.

- To study the basics of astrology astronomical via Astro planetarium "Space" and "celestial sphere".

- Consult the Oracle Multimedia Book of Changes.

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