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SOCRATES Internet Polyglot v.3.0 - a great translator of Internet - pages from English, German and French into Russian or vice versa from Russian into any of these languages. Any WEB-page of the Internet will be available in Russian with full registration of all - images, fonts, etc .. You will be able to view any required information, regardless of language skills.

When you install the program is integrated directly into the Internet Explorer browser in the form of two additional windows Explorer Bar, one of which (horizontal) shows the translation page preserving all clearance in the other (vertical) - Translation adjustment projects.

SOCRATES Internet can translate html-pages in two modes. Dvuhokonny mode - translation of the whole Internet page in his own window: simultaneously displays the original and translated pages by dividing the browser window into two parts.

Single window mode - translate directly into a standard window of Microsoft Internet Explorer: You can see the translated version of the desired Web page.


using the "SOCRATES Internet Polyglot 3.0" You can also instantly translate selected text. To do this, select the part of the text and choose from the context menu html-page select "Transfer" - the pop-up window, Internet Explorer will transfer selection (while it is possible to change the window size).

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