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Moscow State University. University.

Faculty of Biology and Fundamental Medicine Faculty.

Tasks entrance examination in mathematics for students - 2000.

E-book (DjVu-file) contains the terms and objectives of decision 6 entrance examination in mathematics for students of biological faculty of Moscow State University, held in July 2000. Solving problems presented in the form of a scanned handwriting collected into a single document of 9 page format A4. This document is stored in a format DjVu, which is open in Internet Explorer after installing utility program (plug-in). Link to download and install DjVu-plugin can be found on the company´s homepage LIZARDTECH. DjVu-file that contains the conditions of tasks and their detailed solution completely and ready for viewing on your computer and print.

File was created at the Web-tutor Website.
Problems from the Math exam can be found at the Web-tutor web site in the Math for students section.
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