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7.75 Rub.
The accounts are clean, no orders, registered on a clean IP, SMS verification passed.
You can safely enter through the login and password in the browser or MT (mobile application), take refpacks, use any promotional codes, etc., this is the main difference between them and dummies.
A link with a token is included with the account.
After clicking on the token link, nothing should happen in the token window - open a new window - there will be an account login.
It is convenient to quickly switch between accounts using a token.
The data is displayed in the following order: login: password: token.
Ideal for promo codes 500/1000, 300/600, newbie coupon, etc.
It can also be used to receive BB coupons (6/7, 9/10, 10/20, ...), for example, for Europe, Ukraine, etc.
The mail has not been created, you can create it yourself on the site
If the televersion takes off at the entrance, we write to the LAN (if the guarantee is still active), the user himself removes the postage.
When a televersion is sent out again, the user removes it himself.
REFUNDS / REPLACEMENT IN CASE OF CLOSES, that is, orders closed for security reasons, ARE NOT PROVIDED.
Warranty for TV and access verification 24 hours from the date of purchase.
How to login with a token?

We have a link with a token:
Change com to ru. We copy the link with the token, paste it into the browser line, press Enter (the window remains empty, this is how it should be).
In the next one, we launch and get to the main page already logged in. You are all logged in! Everything is pretty simple.
You can improve the login and get to the page you need when launching the token, for this you need to attach a redirect to the link with the token.
Let´s take the coupon page as an example.
The redirect link looks like this
28.03.2022 18:11:08
Всё норм
16.03.2022 16:48:21
все работает)
08.03.2022 3:41:20
26.02.2022 15:49:12
нет купона
26.02.2022 15:36:08
email doğrulaması istiyor. kendiniz aynı maili oluşturup giriş yapmanız gerekiyor. satıcı ilgisiz. iletişim adresleri sahte.
16.02.2022 6:12:00
10.02.2022 13:02:22
Все хорошо, продавец отзывчивый и ответственный. Буду покупать ещё.
06.12.2021 21:44:59
20.02.2021 0:42:29
good seller👍
18.01.2021 20:48:10
Всё отлично, работает.

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