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Magic has always interested people from early times. Solomon himself is considered the forefather of magic, and in this connection there is a lot of controversy and opinion. On the one hand, the line between black and white magic is so thin that many simply consider its very manifestation and study to be a dangerous occupation. At the same time, more and more people are interested in this topic looking for new knowledge that keeps its secrets. The most voluminous work on this topic is the "Keys of Solomon". There are many interpretations of this work, but the first manuscript (translation from Hebrew) after all is the main one. It is her we prepositions in the library Protohistory and for the first time with the translation into Russian! In addition, we place an additional two manuscripts of 11-12 centuries, which formed part of this book. Immediately warn - the book contains practical instructions and ceremonies and their repetition in practice is not recommended. At the same time, those who are fond of magic today just need to study these books in order to clearly understand which side they are on.
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