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85 Rub.
ADVERTISING SITE. This product contains a ZIP file: About 150 popular sites, each of which will fit almost all niches + about 500 message boards.
The Excel file contains a table of effective advertising platforms, which is divided into 9 columns.

Table of contents:
1. The ordinal number of the site

2. Site name

3. Active link to the site of the site

4. Short text description of the site

5. Number of visitors per month - SCOPE, people

6. Active link to rating

7. The minimum amount for advertising, RUB.

8. Type of advertising

9. Active link for registration on the site
We have divided all 150 advertising sites into 8 types, depending on their positioning on the Internet.

These eight types of sites are:
1. Contextual advertising

2. Teaser networks

3. Exchange banner advertising

4. Mobile traffic services

5. Advertising video platforms

6. Advertising on payment terminals

7. Bulletin boards

8. Trading portals

About 500 bulletin boards:
Excel 500 Bulletin Board File
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