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44 Rub.
If you need more than 1 month, I highly recommend buying a 🔥NEW🔥 account in which everything is ready for viewing and this account will be completely yours, i.e. you will be the ONLY (!) User of the account for a period convenient for you (large choice) in my profile:
If you have enough code for 1 month, then please read the important information / restrictions listed below:
✅ There is a high probability that the promotional code is activated on your OLD account if you have not entered other promotional codes for a long time (more than 180 days) and you have ALREADY been expired at the moment.
✅But this promo code is GUARANTEED activated only on a NEW account WITHOUT subscribing to it!
The code is precisely activated only from the computer (after activation, you can use it on any device)Unique (i.e. one-time!) certificates for activation of an IVI subscription for 1 month (30 days), but only for NEW registrations / accounts!
After payment you will automatically receive a codeOn the same account, you can activate the code only 1 time (the codes themselves are unique / one-time, but here it means that if you buy 2 different codes at once, you can only activate 1 code on ONE account). < / delivery>1) This certificate can be guaranteed to be activated ONLY on NEW accounts! If you already have an old account, then register a new one.
2) Activation ONLY for the country: RUSSIA
3) To activate this code (and almost any other codes), you need to link a bank card (a card with a ZERO balance will not work)
4) If you doubt your abilities or just want to save time and get more months of subscription, I strongly advise you to look in my profile and choose the option to purchase a READY account, choosing the appropriate option from the "number of months of subscription / price"
5) Warranty on activation of the code - 60 minutes from the moment of payment! (IVI began to cancel codes very often ahead of schedule and DOES NOT comply with the stated codes expiration dates! Therefore, specifying the codes expiration date no longer makes sense, because they can destroy codes ahead of schedule any day. After 60 minutes from the date of purchase, claims are NOT accepted.deliveryattention🔶I also recommend paying attention to other MY products that may be of more interest to you (for example, other, slightly more expensive IVI Accounts with even more months of subscription or vice versa even cheaper accounts with less months subscriptions ... and also among my ads there will be very, very cheap IVI certificates for self-activation on new accounts). All of my current active (goods currently available for purchase) announcements can be found in my profile:
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P.S. A big request is to remember to leave positive REVIEWS❗ (it’s enough to spend only 10-15 seconds to write a short review)I thoroughly test all the goods and am responsible for the quality! (and also I very quickly track any changes that occur ... as an example, the recent deterioration / complication of activation of many codes for IVI). So, if suddenly someday (!) Any problems arise that I still cannot solve, then you will receive an equivalent replacement of the goods, and in case of impossibility of replacement, of course, a refund.
deliveryTo activate:
1) Go to the site or install the application IVI
2) Register
3) Go to the "Activate Certificate" section and enter the received certificate (within 60 minutes from the moment of PAYMENT of the code, since then the claims are no longer accepted) </ delivery>
Instructions for activation on devices running Android, Smart TV, computer and "in the ivi application for Windows 8 and Windows 10" can be read here:

Instructions "How to activate the certificate on iphone or ipad (IOS)":
06.07.2020 5:01:04
всё супер, очень рада
21.06.2020 22:55:32
все супер, беру второй раз
05.06.2020 19:29:28
После оплаты товара сразу же получил Промокод!
Продавец оперативно оказал консультацию по активации (хотя и не должен).
Все отлично!
Весьма рекомендую!
23.05.2020 1:03:20
15.05.2020 21:54:54
все гуд
09.05.2020 22:25:43
Все сработало и на моем аккаунте, вполне доволен такой хорошей покупкой!!!!
09.05.2020 20:15:50
На старом аккаунте активировалась! СПАСИБО!
08.05.2020 22:06:57
23.02.2020 16:08:36
Админ все разлулил, от души, извини за оскорбления .
02.01.2020 17:51:43
Все работает, спасибо!!

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