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BOGOBOT - a bot for the game "The Game of the Gods", which allows you to multiply the chances of winning various game modes without interfering in the gameplay.
The essence of the program is to analyze the playing field and provide the user with information, with which you can defeat the most difficult and experienced opponent. The program provides a list of absolutely all possible, effective moves in the game, on the basis of which the further possible, effective moves of the opponent are also predicted.


Macros for all games:
Assistant for the game "Heaven":
-Works in multithreaded mode;
-It has an automatic update system;
-Automatically recognizes all the necessary elements of the game;
-Sorting system of the program allows you to identify the most effective moves.

-Algorithm of the program calculates absolutely all possible moves;
-Prognosis helps to prevent undesirable consequences of your moves;
-Informativity of the program saves time.

-To activate the program, by pressing the "Activation" button, an activation key is entered, which can be received by mail immediately after its purchase.
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