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250 Rub.
attention Hello, I provide a test service for selling votes in the social network Vkontakte.
 At the moment, it is possible to buy a minimum of 50 votes, at a good price for you.
 I will try to fulfill the order as soon as possible. On all questions you can contact me in private messages (ask a question).

1. After buying votes, you in your personal account, and on the mail
   will come 16-digit code, which you must transfer to me
   convenient for you way (contact with the seller).

2. I need data from your Vk page.
   At the moment, replenishment is possible only with authorization on the site

Voices Vkontakte is a specialized currency VKontakte, which is used to increase the user rating,
transfer of gifts among users, to pay for all kinds of applications, etc.

Good reputation on trading floors.
For all the time of my work, I have no negative reviews. I think that any misunderstanding between the seller and the buyer can be solved.
in the store VC for 50 votes you give 400 rubles, I suggest you buy for 250 rubles.
While everything is in test mode! In the future, prices may change, as well as the terms of sale. </ Attention>
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