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198.74 Rub.
We will upgrade your Personal Spotify account to be a Premium, with a Spotify family invite.

The spotify company offers you 9.99$/month , but we offer you a 3$/year with all the privileges and the account will be reactivated every 2 months!
Subscription issues which rarely occur, we will replace your subscription link and there´s a chance you won´t be able to apply it on the same account therefore you would have to create a new account.
After 2 months of use spotify, you must write me in personal correspondence to reactivate premium

How doest it work?
1) I will need login and password from your spotify account (recommend register US account, since most of the catalog from major record labels is released under US core territory). You will send it in specific form after payment
2) Wait to be invited. On the email will come a letter with invite

Btw, you can import your playlists/music to spotify from other streaming services, using the 3rd party service https://soundiiz.com
If you want to listen music to HIFI quality i recommend buy TIDAL subscription instead spotify - https://www.plati.com/itm/tidal-premium-hifi-upgrade-service-lifetime-warranty/2564816

After payment you will receive a form to fill in the data, in which you will have to fill out the following fields:
- E-mail of spotify account;
- Password of spotify account;
- Country of registration of the account;
These data will be transferred to the seller to complete the purchase and sale of the goods.
19.02.2019 0:13:17
Всё отлично. Рекомендую.
18.02.2019 23:33:42
18.02.2019 22:31:06
Premium пропал через 12 часов
17.02.2019 21:57:44
Беру второй раз, все отлично!
17.02.2019 21:57:42
Всё как обычно замечательно)
17.02.2019 15:33:44
Password! No!
17.02.2019 14:38:46
Спасибо продавцу, за доступ к лучшему музыкальному сервису, всех друзей и близких посадил на Spotify. Зачёт!
17.02.2019 6:16:00
Good sevices!
17.02.2019 4:36:37
Все отлично
17.02.2019 2:56:08
Быстро и качественно

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