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Option 5
1. The role of criminalistics in the system of scientific knowledge at the present stage.
2. The structure of the method of crime.
3. Forensic video recording and its application in the conduct of investigative actions.
4. Detection, fixation, seizure of material evidence in the conduct of investigative actions. 5. Perform the following tasks:
Task 1. Give the concept of an investigative experiment. Task 2. Give a brief description of each of its stages. Task 3. Write down the plot, analyze the information contained in it, determine the type and purpose of the investigative experiment. Task 4. Make a plan for conducting an investigative experiment, reflecting in it the following positions: - place and time; participants in the experiment; - the necessary technical and forensic and other means; - organizational matters; - the conditions for conducting an investigative experiment; - the procedure for carrying out the investigative experiment; Task 5. Make a record of the investigative experiment on the practical situation: Practical situations Accused of counterfeiting Osipchuk R.V. during the interrogation showed that he made with the help of colored pencils and markers several fake 100 ruble notes, which on the night of August 4 tried to sell to merchants in the grocery market.
6. Methods of investigating crimes related to illicit trafficking in narcotic drugs.
7. Task on the plot of a criminal act.
In the evening, about 23 hours, at a pedestrian crossing an unidentified car was shot down. Telegin
When the ambulance arrived at the hospital, he died of serious bodily harm. When inspecting the clothes were found documents, receipt of an unidentified person in the receipt of 50,000 rubles from gr. Telegin. This receipt was printed on a typewriter, the signature of the recipient of the money was illegible.
On the clothes of the victim, in the places of ruptures, microparticles of a substance of green color, as well as a trace of a car wheel imprint, were found.
Your actions as an investigator in the appointment of examinations?
What additional expertise should be assigned when installing a motor vehicle whose driver is suspected of hitting a pedestrian?
Make a version of this fact.
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