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AH Clicker Engine is an engine for your games with a genre a clicker. At it there are many functions which can be controlled through a script, and also to set up game things through the editor of shop.
The short review you can see on channel Android Helper.
Download demo version of game in Google Play:
Available script functions:
Events: ElementClicked, ItemBuy_Success, ItemBuy_Failed, ItemBuy_Checking, Cheater_Detected, Game_TimePass, Game_PassiveGet. (There is a description in the documentation.)
Other functions and variables: Clicker_ElementListener.doAnimation, Clicker_ElementListener.animationScaleIn, Clicker_ElementListener.isClicked, Clicker_ElementListener.animationSpeed, Clicker_Engine.Game.Addend, Clicker_Engine.Game.Value, Clicker_Engine.Game.Random_Addend, Clicker_Engine.Game.Save_Data, Clicker_Engine.Shop.PassiveBonus, Clicker_Engine.Shop.Names, Clicker_Engine.Shop.Costs, Clicker_Engine.Shop.Item_Increase, Clicker_Engine.Shop.Item_Description, Clicker_Engine.Shop.Buttons, Clicker_Engine.Shop.Item_Level, Clicker_Engine.Shop.ItemBuy_CheckOn. (There is a description in the documentation.)
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