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Dear customers!
We present an unparalleled series of audiobooks on the legislation of the Russian Federation "All codes and necessary laws in a fresh edition."

(IMPORTANT: We constantly maintain the relevance of our audiobooks, periodically rewriting them as laws and amendments are amended!)

Study laws and other regulations easily and at ease!

All lawyers, as well as students who study law, know first hand how tedious it is to read legal texts. To master the law, to understand its meaning, it takes weeks and months of tedious reading. But now we will greatly facilitate your efforts.

Take care of your eyes - listen to our audiobooks! In the car, on the bus, in the metro, at lectures, at home - turn on our audiobook and very quickly, after repeated listening, the content and meaning of complex legal text will be stored in your memory. This is verified by us from our own experience.

The proposed audiobook "Code of Administrative Justice of the Russian Federation", as amended on May 28, 2017, may be useful for citizens studying Russian laws, students, practicing lawyers, lawyers, state, law enforcement and judicial officials.

The size of the audio file is mp3: 619 MB. The duration of the sound: 11:16:44.

Audiobook is recorded using a speech synthesizer (male voice Alex). Although the sound of the voice is as close as possible to the human sound, nevertheless, before buying, be sure to familiarize yourself with the sample of the sound of the specified voice - you can download the audiobook "Constitution of the Russian Federation", recorded by this voice:

In case you are not satisfied with the sound of this voice for some reason, you should not buy an audiobook, as the money will not be refunded. A refund is possible only in case of defects in the audio file or in the event that another audiobook is purchased instead of the one claimed.

Using our "computer" (although approximate in sounding to the human) voice when recording our audiobooks is due to two reasons:
1) Thanks to this, we can quickly rewrite the laws and regulations, which are constantly updated by the State Duma. If we used a "live" voice, then regular re-recording of audiobooks would be impossible.
2) Use of "computer" voice makes the process of recording an audio book cheaper (one thing is to hire an actor-speaker each time, rent a recording studio, another thing is to write down the text using legal software). Therefore, our products are sold at an affordable price.

When listening for the first time, the sound of our audiobooks may seem emotionless, but the more often you listen to them, the better you get used to this voice. Some monotony of sound soon ceases to strain, and the meaning of the text is perceived perfectly and firmly fixed in memory. This is verified by us from our own experience.

If an audiobook with a record of the law or other normative act that you need is not in the list of our products, just write to us. In a short time we will write down the audiobook you need and add it to the list of our products.

I wish you success in mastering the Russian legislation!
The Code of Administrative Proceedings of the Russian Federation (CAS RF) is a codified normative legal act (Federal Law) establishing the rules for reviewing and authorizing by the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, courts of general jurisdiction and the world courts of administrative cases in the Russian Federation, in particular, the protection of violated or challenged rights , freedoms and legitimate interests of citizens, the rights and legitimate interests of organizations, as well as other administrative matters arising from administrative and other public legal relations and related with the exercise of judicial control over the legality and validity of the exercise of state or other public powers.
CAS RF is not applied to the consideration of cases of administrative violations and cases of foreclosure on the budget of the budget system of the Russian Federation; cases arising from public legal relations and attributed by the federal law to the competence of the Constitutional Court of the Russian Federation, constitutional (statutory) courts of the subjects of the Russian Federation, arbitration courts or subject to review in another judicial (procedural) procedure in the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation, courts of general jurisdiction.

Author of the audiobook and copyright holder: pravomp3.rf
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Other use of an audiobook is allowed only with the permission of the copyright holder.
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