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An excellent book on training almost all the muscles of the hull and pelvis will help any athlete, especially the power fights and wrestling. The main technical methods of fighting are carried out due to the strength of the arms and muscles of the body, to have strong muscles - the key to success (not counting the general technicality, of course). The book contains a complex of over 150 different exercises that allow repeatedly strengthening the muscles of the back, abdomen, lateral The surface of the body, neck and shoulders. Do all the exercises are not necessary - you can create your own program, most fully meets your needs and opportunities. For wrestlers, for example, exercises to strengthen the muscles of the back and press; Exercises for general mobility of the body will be useful more dynamic in the movements of boxers; Bracing exercises - almost seven athletes. Excellent replenishment of the library for the development of horizons and the development of a strong body.
Title: Strength training of the muscles of the body
Author: collective of authors
Format: PDF
Size: 32 mb
Quality: Excellent
English language
Year: 2014
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