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Mark Vitruvius Pollio (Latin Marcus Vitruvius Pollio, 1st century BC) is a Roman architect and mechanic, scientist and encyclopedist. Vitruvius is also the author of the system of proportionality, which later became widespread in the visual arts and architecture called "Vitruvian Man". At the heart of the views of Vitruvius lay the notion of the universal objective significance of numerical regularities and proportional relations in the structure of the universe and man.

Treatise Vitruvia is a real encyclopedia of engineering. Architecture, in the author´s understanding, includes three main areas: architecture in the narrow sense of the word, ie, construction equipment and construction art (book I-VIII), a gnomonic, i.e. The manufacture of instruments for measuring time (IX), and mechanics, that is, the manufacture of load-lifting and water-lifting machines and siege and throwing tools (X). Covering the entire range of knowledge required for the builder and engineer, the Vitruvius treatise is not just a collection of recipes and not just a practical guide, but also a certain system of theoretical scientific knowledge. According to the author´s definition, practice is based on theory, experience is verified and guided by science. Science, on the basis of the laws of nature that it establishes, explains why it is necessary to build this way and not otherwise, shows how it is necessary to build, and regards the construction that has already been built. The book will be very interesting both for students studying in architectural and design specialties, and for a wide range of readers.
Publishing house - All-Union Academy of Architecture in 1936.
Translation - F.A. Petrovsky
Book format - PDF
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