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The "Afisha" module is based on a standard news module. In contrast to the news module, the following functions have been added to it:
- the ability to add the start date and the end of publication with labels for placement in the * start * and * stop * template. When you indicate the end of publication, the news ceases to be published on the site and remains in the archive.
- Sorting by publication date with the ability to specify the choice of publications for today, tomorrow, yesterday and a specific number
- adding videos to publications with a label for posting in the template * video *
- adding an event venue with a placemark in the * location *
- Add an image with a label for placement in the * img * template.
- added a genre field with a label for placement in the template * genre *
If you specify the parameter $ def_news_tomorrow = "NO", the news for the next day is not published. This is necessary to display the news not yet published, but already added for publication on the site.
If you specify the parameter $ def_news_tomorrow = "YES", you can create the date of the beginning and the end of the publication on the site of the poster of exhibitions, theaters and film shows, and even create or connect a television channel, both your own and the intermediary. Letting the user look at the upcoming events. Also, with this parameter, the "Soon" button appears, to display the events that should occur.
In the presence of the module "RSS-auto collector" ( the process of filling with video materials can be carried out automatically with Yutob.
The result of the module can be viewed at the following link
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