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2100 Rub.
We offer you to buy a unique recording of the webinar "Management of the internal state in difficult situations."
This webinar is for you if:
- You want to take control of your emotions
- In difficult situations you are unsure or panicking
- You find it hard to recover from conflict
- You have to interact with difficult people
- Negative from difficult situations for a long time does not go away
- Are you tired of wasting your energy

What topics were covered in the webinar:
• 17 management practices are
• how to interact with people that enrage
• how to recover from conflict
• how to quickly restore nerves after an unpleasant conversation
• how to make the film went from difficult situations quickly

Your results after the webinar:
1) You will effectively cope with stress
2) Learn how to communicate with people who you do not like
3) Be aware of disturbing emotions and take them under control
4) Negative from difficult situations will go to 2 times faster
5) In your life will have more energy and strength
Who are we?

We - the largest in the Northwest Training Company Vertex FM. We work with successful people from more than 300 large companies such as Coca-Cola, Sberbank, Alliance, Beeline, Gazprom, Echo of Moscow, and others. Yes, even such successful people sometimes have to learn to solve problems. One of our trainers is among the five best business Trainers Russia. We regularly update teaching methods, thanks to Vertex Research Institute. And most importantly, we give not only the theory or practice, but the result.

What is the problem?

In our life, there are often problems that are not so easy to solve: the personal life is not going well, there is no development in their careers, need money, loneliness such as eating inside or lost the taste for life. As a result of apathy, reluctance to change their lives and want to run away from the problems ... The familiar feeling?

From the problems of course you can run away but you can learn how to solve them.

Why learn?

We are not going to solve the problem for you, it would cost too much, and why is it one you twice? We teach you to solve the problems of a lifetime! We help to find self-confidence and give understanding how to act to improve their careers, earn money, strengthen relationships, find harmony and develop as a person. The aim of our study - is your success!

What is special education?

Features of training, not in words but in deeds! For example instead of a long time to tell you how to make money, the coach can call himself a real customer and show how to sell. Then you have mastered the material in practice to understand how to proceed and what happens. Self-confidence comes when the result is visible, which is why we are teaching you to achieve it.

Who conducts webinars?

Anton Mironenko - business coach, business partner of the company "Vertex FM", the author of numerous articles and publications on the themes: sales, self-development, personal effectiveness and social relations. Spent more than 350 training courses, he participated in more than 50 training courses on business and personal growth. A historian by training, identify patterns of success of 170 historical figures based on his research "model of success on the example of historical figures."

And most importantly, he had no problems.
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