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You are offered to purchase a license code for activating the program
Kaspersky Internet Security for ANDROID for 1 year 1 device (1 year 1 device) REGION FREE
Key format: ***** - ***** - ***** - *****.
The license validity period is counted from the moment of registration.

The distribution of Kaspersky Internet Security for ANDROID:

To operate Kaspersky Internet Security, the device must satisfy
following requirements:
? A smartphone or tablet with a screen resolution of 320x480 pixels.
? 15 MB of free space in the main memory of the device.
? The operating system Android ™ 2.3.x - 4.2.x.
The program is installed only in the main memory of the device.
To use the Call & SMS Filter feature, Privacy Protection, SIM Control, and SMS Anti-Phishing
You need a SIM card installed in your device.

Kaspersky Internet Security for Android is a new protection solution for smartphones
and Android tablets, optimized to work on each of these devices.

Blocking Hazardous Applications and Sites
Protection against Internet fraud
Search for the device in case of loss or theft
Filter unwanted calls and SMS
Inconspicuous operation on the device

Blocking Hazardous Applications and Sites
Internet Security class protection is now available for Android devices!
The solution checks all installed and updated applications and files on the
presence of threats. Shopping on the Internet, browsing the web and communicating with
social networks will become safe under the protection of Kaspersky Lab.
Protection against Internet fraud
Web Filter blocks links to malicious and fraudulent sites, protecting
your personal data and financial information. The solution also checks all
links in the received SMS-messages and notifies you in the event that they
are malicious or phishing.
Search for the device in case of loss or theft and other functions of the Anti-Theft module
help you find the phone and protect the data stored on it, from prying eyes.
Search for a device using GPS, Wi-Fi with results displayed in Google Maps
Sound signal "Siren" for more effective device search
Remote blocking and clearing the device´s memory to protect personal information
Secret photo to identify someone who uses a lost or stolen device
SIM-Control for controlling the protection of the phone even after changing the SIM card
Web portal for remote control of Anti-Theft and Secret functions
code for their activation
Filter unwanted calls and SMS
The function of call screening and SMS allows you to avoid unwanted calls,
keep flexible white and black lists and automatically block calls and SMS,
They come from hidden and non-digital numbers.
Personal contacts
You can easily hide your confidential information from prying eyes:
list of contacts, information about incoming and outgoing calls and SMS, and
the corresponding entries in the logs. For greater convenience, this function can
be activated manually, automatically or remotely.
Ease of use and inconspicuous operation on the device
Thanks to the protection status window of the device, it is easy and convenient to manage the protection.
The window view is optimized for each type of device - for example, on a smartphone
only settings / events that are relevant for smartphones are shown. Optimization
The consumption of resources allows the user not to feel the influence of the program
on the operation of the device.
All our keys are absolutely official!

!!! We are fully responsible for the goods sold by us and give a 100% quality guarantee!
This product has no packaging and delivered via electronic communication channels.

The product has no territorial restrictions.
28.09.2018 18:42:12
всё в порядке, всё работает
31.08.2018 1:01:15
27.08.2018 14:58:36
Всё ок
23.08.2018 14:41:47
Все ОК.. Продавца рекомендую..
09.08.2018 23:32:27
Всё отлично!
31.07.2018 8:24:48
Быстро. Работает.
23.06.2018 13:48:41
30.05.2018 19:46:32
Всё работает!
20.05.2018 9:46:40
14.04.2018 14:28:01
Взял второй раз, все ОК, код приходит мгновенно!

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