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Kaspersky Internet Security for all devices - Renewal of the license for 2 devices for 1 year (e-license, KL1941RDBFR)

Attention! You can activate the purchased software only within Russia.
In case of discrepancy between the renewable product with previously acquired or in the absence of an activation code for previously acquired software license term will be limited to 8 months.
The term of the license starts from the moment of the activation key on the first device.

One solution to protect all your ustroystv.Litsenziya includes:
Kaspersky Internet Security (Protect PCs and laptops on Windows);
Kaspersky Internet Security for Mac (Protecting computers on a Mac);
Kaspersky Internet Security for Android (Protecting smartphones and tablets).

The customer receives only one activation code type XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX, which is suitable to activate the current (2015, 2016) versions of the product on any device (Windows, Mac, Android).
You can download the necessary installation distributions for PCs and Windows laptops, Mac computers, smartphones or Android tablets on the links on the page

Before purchasing a license, you have the opportunity to determine, within 30 days, as this program suits your needs, for your computers / devices and meet your expectations.
Therefore, Seller does not refund the costs in the sale of licenses. All sales are final. Since the payment amount is not refundable.

Product details:
System requirements:
Installation Instructions:
Instructions on how to activate:
To Videos:

Technical support:
8-800-700-88-11 (free for calls from Russia)
A personal account:
What you need to know, referring to support:
Detailed instructions on how to register in the Personal Cabinet:

Kaspersky Internet Security for all devices - universal comprehensive solution to protect any device on Windows® platforms, Android ™ and Mac OS. You can protect any combination of devices running Windows, Mac OS or Android using a single activation code.
During the period of the license, you can reinstall the protection from one device to another.
Anti-Phishing Secure keyboard for entering financial data (for Windows / Mac OS) and technology Secure Payment (for Windows) provide protection when using online banking systems and payment systems.
Anti-virus and anti-phishing technology blocks malware and phishing links, including in the SMS-messages.
And Anti-Spam modules and Anti-Banner filter unwanted content. Parental Control Module (for Windows computers, Mac OS) enables parents to monitor the use of the Internet by children.
Attention! Activation only for Russian Federation!
08.03.2019 22:23:21
Прекрасно. Рекомендую.
07.03.2019 19:15:46
Мгновенно все пришло!)
26.02.2019 23:23:07
Оплатила и сразу же получила ключик, всё отлично
15.01.2019 21:35:27
Товар активирован, всё хорошо
12.01.2019 10:33:24
Отличный продавец все пришло быстро и четко всем советую.
30.12.2018 17:58:17
ключ получил, все отлично
13.10.2018 9:21:43
30.09.2018 5:02:51
Все отлично активировалось на 2 ПК
03.09.2018 10:05:14
Совершал несколько покупок у этого продавца, удобно, все устраивает,
07.08.2018 20:11:33
активировал, спасибо

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