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Traffic to your site 1,000 visits from Russia
Affordable, effective and inexpensive advertising - a great opportunity to attract the target audience to your Internet source. Thousands of potential customers will be able to fully familiarize themselves with your products or services. We guarantee unique visits the advertised site within 24 hours. In addition, you can create the most accurate flow precisely those visitors to your site which will be the most interesting.
Your site must be attendance count (perfect Yandex metric), so you will learn about the quality of the work performed on our part.
It is forbidden to give to the work sites are:

1, - Transferring from one site to another in any format and by any means. Including the transition to another site after 5, 7, 10 seconds
2 - Located on the free hosting Blogspot
3 - All that is connected with the iframe traffic
4 - Marked as dangerous malicious search engines / antivirus / browsers.
5 - Limits of closing the site and etc., and so on.
6 - Viruses picture infected with viruses. Sending SMS, enter the phone number
7 - Links to Youtube videos will not be accepted.
To determine the target audience is required to prepare the following data:
- URL site
- Type of business (pupils, students, entrepreneurs, workers, employees, jobless)
- Family status
- Sexual characteristics
- Age
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