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Unlock router Huawei E5372 (Megafon MR100-3, 823F MTS). Unlocking of the router from any operator is carried out by using a unique IMEI code NCK prepared specifically for your device. The buyer receives a NCK code corresponding to its IMEI automatically, immediately after payment. Answer format contains the following information: IMEI: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Unlock Code: ******** Flash Code: ******** Where Unlock Code - unlock code. To unlock the device must be inserted into the device SIM-card of another operator, the device will ask for the unlock code. If not, enter the received unlock code via any terminal program, eg, HyperTerminal, PuTTy, Huawei Modem Terminal, DC Unlocker (in this case, it can be used as an input means of AT-commands to the device), and others with the help of the team.: AT ^ CARDLOCK = "nck code" - unlocking, where nck code - the code you purchased. To check the number of remaining attempts to enter an unlock code, use the command: AT ^ CARDLOCK? - Check the lock status and remaining attempts to enter the unlock code. In response, the device will give CARDLOCK: A, B, 0, where A - lock status, B - number of remaining attempts to unlock. A = 2 means that there simloka, A = 1 if the router is locked. Supported device models: Unlock Code - Huawei E5372 (Altel, Kazakhstan), Megafon MR100-3, MTS 823F, MTS 826FT. Flash Code - Flash code is requested when the firmware of the device. --------------------------- -------------------- Unlock manual ------- Option 1: 1. Insert the device SIM-card of another operator. 2. Run the program to connect to the Internet when connected cable. 3. Either go to the device web-interface. 4. The device will ask for the unlock code (unlock code), obtained after entering the code the device will be unlocked. Option 2: 1. Connect your USB cable to your PC. 2. Download the latest version of the DC Unlocker (in this case, it will be used as a means to enter the AT-commands to the device), or connect to your device using any terminal program (in this case, you need to know the number of COM-port to which it is determined your device). 3. Click on the magnifying glass to determine the device. 4. Type in the window (see. Figure) command AT ^ CARDLOCK = "nck code" and press Enter. 5. If the response status OK - your router is enabled.
Immediately after payment you will receive a form to fill in the registration data, which will need to fill the following fields: - E-mail (email); - IMEI; These data will be transferred to the seller to complete the transaction of purchase and sale of goods.
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