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Surely you´ve read or heard about rituals in which the operator regularly draws something in the air - some signs - and then passes through them ... Sigil, or "sign of strength" - a symbol, built according to certain rules, accumulated specific practices and one way or another related to the egregore, which is held under the auspices of a particular ritual. Sigil used in a variety of magical acts, including - for the specific work conditions the operator by applying image sigil on the body. Practice grafomantii - namely, printing figures on body to change anything (from the state of mind and state of health before the opening of the special abilities / skills) is probably one of the oldest forms of magic act, and in this course you are given an opportunity to learn the basics graphomania and get the initial set of ready sigils for self-development.
Table of contents

Terms and Definitions
Basic Concepts
Acceleration psyche operator
Braking psyche operator
Basic signs
Symbols of the microcosm and the microcosm of anti-
Eject and invoking pentagram of Spirit and the Four Elements (GRT)
Examples sigils graph. Younger signs.
Examples sigils graph. Senior signs.
Examples bundles Sigillite
Examples of sets of sigils
Grafomantiya (grafomagiya)
The simplest examples of combinations of characters in grafomantii
About sigilnyh rituals
Execution of sigils
Getting started with the performance of sigils
Application sigil on inanimate objects
Used materials

Total 18 pages.
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