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It allows you to do almost everything without knowing a programming language. It allows you to create advanced AI system and any logic. Editor for the Conduct of Trees, and managing editor logic game objects, editor dialogs. And all this can be combined! Intuitive and user-friendly WYSIWYG editor nodes (nodes (NodeEditor)): (Full cancellation, change, Zoom In / Out, Multi-selection, reproduction, copy / paste, JSON Import / Export, comments, and more) connects local and global variables visually or in code to create a super parameterized AI, saving and loading the optional state variables between game sessions. Synchronization variables automatically over the network UNET. Very easy integration with a crypts. Use any existing code directly from the visual editor, causing any particular method. Automatic integration API, with assets of Unity. Working with lists / arrays, enumerations, interfaces, and everything else. Respond to global changes and the transfer of data using the built-in events. Organize your projects using Sub-Trees and sub-machine guns. You can easily expand the capabilities (although there are so many things) to create your own actions, the terms of nodes, or even a completely new modules with ease. Full C # source code is included! and much more ... There is no script No problem. MegaNodeEditor comes with hundreds of useful action game focused on the game and pre-made to get you started right away.
The integration of assets:
• Chronos
• Cinema Director
• Core GameKit
• DOTween
• Inventory Pro
• LipSync
• Love / Hate
• Master Audio
• Motion Controller
• PolyNav
• Simple Waypoint System

It allows you to use flowScripts directly in your logic circuits!

"So what is included"
✔ Processor Core NodeCanvas frame.
✔ module tree behavior (logic).
✔ module tree dialogue.
✔ Module Tree control the behavior of the trees.
✔ Many pieces game problems.
✔ # Source Code Full C #.
Half of Russian. The update is free !!!
Bonus: 2 quality models of game characters with a variety of animations !!!
Works with Indie and Pro
Support UnityGUI
Support Unity2D
It works with Unity 5

After purchase you will receive a link to download file (215 MB).
In the archive:
1.Tekstovy file. Before you start reading! Basics!
2.Proekt - example. 2 high-quality character models. And for the player models realized walking through MegaNodeEditor. It is shown how to access scripts. There will be questions help.
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