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The course is designed for those writers, scientists, infobiznesmenov and other professionals who want to pursue their works, reports, procedures, or training sessions on their own. Beginners do not know that publishers are for the most part work only with the already well-known writers, and the tens and hundreds of publishers around the world are closed, moving to the Internet, where there are fewer costs and more opportunities to work with electronic publications.
I propose to examine all possibilities for the publication of books. In conventional publishing world is large enough, the more that the Internet offers additional features. While many publishers are moving to the Internet, there is reason to assume that that is where the main events will take place in publishing.
We offer you video course will teach you to publish his books in both paper and electronic form, it is using the Internet as a tool for both the publication and sales of books. To practice the skills you get in the three editions of publishing houses "on demand", located in different countries.
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