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This course focuses on the things that are very far from what is considered "normal" in our time. The course material is designed for a high degree of autonomy, self-awareness and ability to take responsibility for their actions. But in many ways to assess their degree of autonomy. Therefore, I present a few points that will help you assess yourself, without bias.

Signs that course is right for you:

1. The course is designed for independent adult citizens. That is, you are 18 years or more, you provide yourself, plan your own time and are not accountable to anyone except the leadership at work.
2. Are you worried about the question "What can you say mother / girlfriend / boyfriend / spouse (s) if I do strange things at night and disappear somewhere, without explaining where?"
3. You take full responsibility for any consequences caused by your action or inaction on the basis of the relevant materials of the course. For example, this means that if you went in the dark to the churchyard with the good purpose - to get out on the graves, yet the curious people, and you caught the guard and said you were a fine, maybe at night on the graveyard can not walk, then It´s completely, your and only your responsibility.

In all other cases, you first decide your problems in life, then come to cast :)
From the author of 4
Introduction 5
Who should this course 5
What will this course 5
What materials will be used 6
List of terms and definitions of the Course 6
Who is the Necromancer, and why he is considered special even among wizards? 7
Lesson 1. Work on a 10
Common words about physical development 10
Common words in lifestyle and behavior 10
Emotions 12
Internal dialogue 12
Methods disable HP 13
Train strength of will 14
Training for Development and synchronization of the hemispheres 14
Theory and practice of "observer" 15
What is the observer? 15
The main question 15
Examples of applications 16
Development of the "observer" (based on clan Kzar) 16
Lesson 2: Cosmology 18
A man and his place in the world 18
The structure of the world 18
Gods (the general idea of the true gods, examples) 19
Dying 20
World of the Dead 20
Lesson 3: 22 Churchyard
What is this churchyard in terms necromancer 22
The behavior of the churchyard 22
General principles of the churchyard and graveyard 23
The inhabitants of the graveyard 24
Boss 24
Guardians 25
Spirits (ghosts, ghosts, letuntsy, troubles, etc.) 25
Nekrosloy 26
Working with nekrosloem 27
Access to nekrosloyu 27
Searching Master 28
Problems that may arise when working with churchyard 29
For 29 Days
Ringing 29
Unable to come up with a churchyard 29
You pursues creation 30
If the churchyard you accidentally left some kind of a biomaterial 30
Setting: 30
Lesson 4: 31 Tools
Knives 31
How to choose a work knife? 31
Utility knife 32
The approach to the creation of a working knife, which is used in the clan Spider 32
Black Reaper 33
Book 33
Cover 33
Paper 34
The order books filling 34
Terms of Use Book 35
Errors associated with the books 35
Pen and ink 36
Pen 36
Ink 36
Working clothes 37
Tau hoodie or "Maltese hoodie" 37
Hoodie Hunter 38
Lesson 5: Selection and preparation of space to work. 39
Training and workplace cleaning. 39
Crossroads 39
Circle 39
The room 40
Site Preparation for work 40
Lesson 6. Preparation of practice to work. 42
Voice 42
Meditative Practice "stream" 42
About 43 positions
Cleaning 43 posts
Post 43 student
The pre-post 44
The alignment posts 44
Simple nastoechny post 44
Post 44 Dead

The following six lessons are only available in the full version of the distance course.
Watch for announcements about the set on the author´s website.
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