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This plugin displays comments, depending on the categories, subcategories and podpodkategory that makes the information on the pages of the directory more useful and varied, both for users and for search engines.
The plugin settings include the ability to display recent comments, or random, as well as the possibility to display on the page of the company comments related only to the company or to Listings podpodkategorii in which it is located.
To display comments using a template file with the following labels review_info.tpl- Date posted- id comment- the user Leave a comment- page Leave a comment- User avatar Leave a comment- text commentarytype- displays the icon depending on the type of comments (image / com_smile_bad.png - a negative review, image / com_smile_good.png - positive feedback, image / com_smile_normal.png - a neutral review)company- name of the organization with reference to it.
An example of the module can be seen on the website
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