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Hello dear colleagues. It´s time to open up new horizons. Today we look at the modeling process seals in the program SolidWorks. This lesson is very informative and has a lot of secrets and tricks to extend the standard tools of SolidWorks. In particular, a very detailed look at the tools "TRANSFER (Transfer of circuits closed sketch in the face)." In addition to a detailed consideration of this tool, you will discover many useful features and gimmicks ...
Lesson Synopsis №69

Presentation of the final seals
Creating contours seals
Creating a complex harvesting seals in one operation!
Adding Accessory surfaces (secret way)
Creating drawing engraving on the plane and transfer it to the entire signet
Using the 3D-sketches for engraving
Mirroring for symmetrical objects seals
Adding fillets and discoloration faces troughs
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