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FLUMBIX - this is the first CONTER STRIKE MACROS х2.52 since 2014 for Bloody and X7! MACROS for Warface no recoil - soft, maximum accuracy macros, left buttom mouse macros for X7, burst fire!
MACROS only for Bloody and A4tech X7 with the internal memory! Macros Effects & X7 LBM macros only for automatic weapons! For mouse Bloody requires a minimum of Bloody5 2015.06.16A and activated 3 core! Not matching software Bloody is decided solely by the macros *.amc
Before you purchase macros specify the characteristics of your weapons in the game.
!!! Required reading before purchasing a macros
By purchasing you confirm that you clicked the link above and carefully read everything! - video demonstration of the quality of the macros. The recoil with the spread are random and recorded on video the best moments in the sitting position!
Macros written at a Tickrate 64 for Sensitivity - 4.99 , Zoom - 1.1, Raw Input - ON, Mouse Acceleration - OFF.
Guides for installing and setting up macros
An explanation of the abbreviations:
RapidFire - macro without delays, full no recoil
Left.Button - macro without delays for the left button mouse A4TECH X7
SingleFire - accurate single shots
BurstFire - cut off, with the return of the crosshair
Soft - a decrease in shaking reduces the axial vibration of the adjustments
05.06.2017 14:52:50
30.01.2015 13:26:24
Макросы на уровне тех бесплатных,что есть у этого человека на канале. Я от калаша ожидал большего,ибо стоя разброс просто 3.14здец... А времени присесть бывает что и нет. Улучшите макрос,Денис...

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