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* In the new journey you will manage an ordinary refugee, whose name is Hawke. This seemingly ordinary man, doing its utmost to protect your family from the steadfast Mora and later became the main defender of the city of Kirkwall. Yet we ran ahead, because this is becoming a legendary defender of his need your help.


• The plot is stretched to 10 years. In the process of implementing its ideas the developers provided that the characters have to say so travel back in time, that is provided in different places and under different circumstances. So the game was created some atmosphere of mystery that makes the process of passing more original and exciting.

• fateful decision. Literally on every corner, you will be faced with a choice. That is, to do just mindlessly passing rolevika you do not get. You will need to try to understand every action, analyze the resulting information in the dialogue process and, accordingly, to correctly answer questions based on your own temperament.

• Upgraded combat system. No matter which class belongs to a character, users who choose to purchase Dragon Age II, faced with an elaborate new combat system that provides impressive dynamics. Thanks to this innovation, you will not be able to tear your eyes from their own gameplay for a second.

• Improved graphics engine. Not once Dragon Age fans celebrated brilliance and versatility of the game. The second part took a more revolutionary character, evolved into much more attractive game. In other words, thanks to a new graphics engine, each gamer will be able to see the game unique effects that are not inferior to modern mass entertainment and blockbusters.
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