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Instructions for dismantling and assembling the front "Amkodor" forklift truck as an example 333V
Instructions for assembly-disassembly ZZZV.00.00.000ISZ contains information on the procedure
sboromno-disassembly work on units and units of machines listed in
Operating manual and ZZZV.00.00.000RE 342V.00.00.000RE.
assembly-disassembly ZZZV.00.00.000ISZ Guide is designed for drivers, operators and
engineers involved in the operation and maintenance trucks front-end shovel
chassis and loading multipurpose production of JSC "Amkodor".
This guide is designed to assist in the proper
present the service and repair of machines and units described in the Guidelines but exploitation
tion and ZZZV.00.00.000RE 342V.00.00.000RE, 342.05.01.000 ER "Bridges leading series 342"
U35615-00.000RE "Hydro U35615 series of transmission" and is a special
complement these rukovodstvodstv.
The Manual contains information about the device and information on the procedure
assembly and disassembly work on the units and apparatus of the machine. It is assumed that the repair
carried out by replacing the units and parts that fail due to excessive wear or
breakages. In this case the sealing members (seals, O-rings, gaskets and the like. N.)
replaced with each of the showdown. Open disassembly resulting hole, cavity,
channels must be isolated from moisture and dust.
Illustration of the process of assembly components and assemblies can be used for dismantling in
reverse the process of assembling the order.
Recommended tightening torques are given in the Guidelines of the compounds but
Operating ZZZV.00.00.000RE, 342V.00.00.000RE, 342.05.01.000 ER "Bridges leading series
342 "U35615-00.000RE" Hydro transmission series U35615. "
Instructions include additional repairs on the front informational support
loaders Amkodor family.
 It can also be used as a repair manual wheel loaders from other manufacturers.
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