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215. In continuation of the axis of the thin straight bar, uniformly charged with linear charge density τ = 15 nC / cm at a distance of a = 40 cm from the end of the rod is a point charge q = 10 SCLC. The other end of the rod goes to infinity. Determine the force acting on a charge q.

255. battery EMF E = 60 V Maximum current that can give the battery, Imax = 15 A. To determine the maximum power Pmax, which can be allocated in the external circuit.

275. flat capacitor plate spacing d = 2 mm, filled with celluloid permittivity ε = 3,5 and resistivity  = 2 • Omsm 1010, included in the circuit with the battery emf ε = 50 V and the internal resistance r = 0.5 ohms. What is the electric field strength E in the capacitor if its capacitance C = 2 microfarads.

12.01.2015 17:39:19
Спасибо, товар хороший, все задачи решены правильно) Так же большое спасибо что выбрали нужные мне задачи, по моей просьбе, из ряда для меня не нужных))

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