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METHODICAL INSTRUCTIONS for performing laboratory work on a professional module
Execution of works by profession Process equipment technician
Section 2. Installation and configuration of hardware and software access to the Internet.
Designed for students on specialty 09.02.02 (230111) Computer networks
Laboratory work number 1 "The basic methods of working in the browser. Navigating the Internet. Work with search engines. Saving information as files and images »
Laboratory work number 2 "Verification of network connection. Configuring network connections. Opening access to disks »
Laboratory work № 3 «Setting up Internet connections on a PC. Configure Internet Explorer settings. Access to the Internet from your mobile phone. Mobile Internet and PDA »...................... 22
Laboratory work № 4 "The basic methods of work with e-mail. Configure Outlook Express. Configuring the delivery time of letters and working with the address book. Working with Messages »35
Laboratory work No. 5 "Connecting two computers via a null modem cable. Connecting computers using a USB cable »
Lab 6 "Installing the operating system on a" clean "computer. Installation on top of the existing operating system. Find and install drivers »
Laboratory work № 7 "Configuring the local network. Configure a shared connection. Remote Desktop. Remote Assistance »
Laboratory work No. 8 "Connecting the switch. Setting up the switches. Assign an IP switch. Cisco Visual Switch Manager Software »
Laboratory work № 9 "Basic configuration of the switch. Cluster management. Port Settings »
Laboratory work No. 10 "Configuring Routed Networks"
Laboratory work No. 11 "Routable network in a small office"
Laboratory work No. 12 "Routing and organization of the lock"
Laboratory work No. 13 "Routing in a network with several segments. Splitting the network into several segments "
Laboratory work No. 14 "Support for Internet protocols (Telnet). Converting network addresses. Port allocation and packet forwarding »
Laboratory work № 15 "Support for virtual private networks (VPN). Configuring VLANs »
Laboratory work № 16 "Creating the simplest pages"
Laboratory work № 17 "Creating sites using cascading style sheets" 103
Laboratory work No. 18 "Using Java Script objects. Standard functions, procedures »
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