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Before you - a great book, a kind of desktop "book coach" for many athletes to get involved in dynamic sports. What are its benefits? Firstly, the method presented here is not tied to a particular sport, and secondly, it allows you to adjust the training program for the dates of your problem. You do martial arts? Contact sports? Running, wrestling, football, hockey? You will read this book. With it you will learn how to independently form an exercise program, get acquainted with the exercises in the muscles of the legs, torso and arms. Part of the exercises presented in the complex improves the stability and improve the balance of static and movements, and some - increase the speed of dynamic jerk or build muscle. The book will be useful for all athletes, without exception.
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Title: Functional Training for Sports
Author: Michael Boyle
Pages: 208
Format: PDF
Size: 6 mb.
Quality: Excellent
English language
Genre: Fitness
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