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Practical work

on the subject of "Economic Theory" (ET 96 (21))

Question 1

A year after the start of operations accounting profit amounted to 400 thousand. Den. u, net economic profit - 150 thousand. den. u Identify explicit and implicit costs of the enterprise, if it is known that the total income of the company - 900 thousand. Den. u

Question 2

Real GDP in a given year was equal to 11 895 monetary units. Potential GDP is 12,200 currency units. The actual unemployment rate was 7%. What is the approximate value of the natural rate of unemployment, if the coefficient is 2.5 Okun?

Question 3

The elasticity of demand for food by income is 0.8. Initially, 50% of their income spent on food population. Suppose income increased by 10%. Determine the proportion of food expenditure in household incomes.


Question 4

Output doubled. The number of employed increased by 1.5 times, and the intensity of their work has increased by 20%. Determine how much productivity has changed over this period.

Question 5

The country's population is 100 million. People. The number of employees - 50 million. People. The unemployed registered 8% of the workforce. The number of disabled and students with the job - 36 million. People. The number of unemployed and do not wish for some - any reason to work - 4 million. People. Determine the level of unemployment in the country.

Question 6

The country's economy during the year reached parameters reflected the following system of macroeconomic indicators (in monetary terms, in arbitrary units):

1. Consumer Expenditure Survey - 400,000

2. Net investments - 30,000

3. Depreciation - 50,000

4. Public procurement of goods and services - 70,000

5. Export - 35,000

6. Import - 25,000

7. Indirect taxes on business - 9000

Determine the value of gross domestic product (GDP), net domestic product (NDP), internal rate of return (HP).

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