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"The foundation of spread of durable materials: crushed stone, limestone, iron ore or betona.Pechi weighing not more than 750 kg may be installed on the floor, provided that he is strong enough and boards at circulation do not bend. But it is better to install the furnace to separate them fundamente.Pechi weighing over 750 kg necessarily require a separate device a solid foundation. If the soil moist, should be used bricks, iron ore, as an ordinary brick can be destroyed by damp. Part of the foundation, located in a wet soil can be laid from the rubble of 150 - 250 mm above ground level, align, arrange a waterproofing, and put the rest of the brick ... "Each country site owner wants to turn it into a paradise. And this can only be done by answering all of the many questions that arise during implementation of the project development in the territory zhizn.Kak arrange area alpine slide, a swimming pool with a cascade, a lawn with green vases? Where and how to lay the track, make ramps, stairs? What material can be used at the same time? And in general - where to start? Brochure from the series "Building a country house" to help you find answers to these and many other questions.
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