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Program registration cards in the military (database) is used to maintain information about the military, which data is stored in the military.

Functionality of the program taking into account:

- Add, edit, delete, card soldiers;

- Search cards soldiers on the name, surname, patronymic, date of birth, place of birth, education.

- Ability to add an autobiography inductee.

- Select from the directory sports category inductee.

- Select the type of directory troops to the recruit.

- Select from the directory personality type inductee.

- Note the date of deferral.

- Note evading conscript or not (+ and -, respectively).

- Photo draftee (200x150).

- And an indication of other data inductee.

- Printing account cards and autobiography of the recruit.

Programming Language: Delphi

Project Code: 58
The contents of the archive:

- Source code for delphi 7;

- Compiled exe file with a database file.

Download a demo version of the program here:
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