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The two forces are constantly interrelated rule the world. Two forces: black and white. From the fact that currently prevails, our fate depends. In life, nothing is permanent. Everything flows and changes all the time. All life - a series of changes. This is set out very primitive brilliant idea of \u200b\u200bChinese sages underlying the immortal "Book of Changes", also known as the "I Ching."

For thousands of years endless generations of people looking for it to answer the question - How to live? The present generation, which tends to simplify everything, in his own way read the "Book of Changes", bringing it into line with the spirit of the times.

"Session" begins with the fact that you are mentally formulate a question that currently takes you the most and which you are waiting for a response from the "I Ching." Then turn toss three coins; this should be done six times to get six features and create a hexagram. If two or three coins lay up "heads", spend a continuous line on the paper; if two or three fell up "tails" - draw gasps. Features are placed one above the other, starting from the bottom. After hexagram composed should find its number in the table. To do this, divide it in half and get the top part of trigrams among placed horizontally, and the bottom vertically. At the point of intersection - the number that fell to you hexagram. It remains only to look into the related explanatory text to it - interpretation.

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