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VISA VIRTUAL a $ 100 balanceWarning! The card supports the technology 3D-Secure secure payments. Confirmation Codes you can get yourself in a mode online at: </ attention>
It is a virtual prepaid card designed exclusively for purchases on the Internet; The map is a complete analog of an ordinary plastic Visa, but only in electronic form.

When you purchase you automatically get the card details: a unique sixteen-digit card number, CVV2 code and expiration date of the card (expiry date).

The procedure for making a purchase with this card on the site you want: you enter the details of the card issued, enter any name and any name and address of any Russian. All data type in English letters.

Maps have excellent maneuverability on a huge number of sites, both Russian and foreign, working with people from Russia.

It is recommended to buy a card with a margin of a few dollars (at least 1) in the event of card pre-authorization service, where you use it, the possible hidden fees or other surprises.ATTENTION! Please use the map for a specific operation, guaranteed the validity of the card is not more than 1 (one) week from the date of purchase, regardless of the formal information specified in its details. Further, no claim, be careful! </ Delivery>
attentionBank: RUS (IP address and place of residence for payment are recommended in Russian)
Independent replenishment of the card (card2card): NO
3D Secure: YES (
Conversion to any currency: YES (note the bank´s possible commission!)
Refund of balance: NO
Statement and balance: YES (for free, contact us)
</ Attention>

We offer the best prices! Long-term reputation of a reliable seller, an individual approach to each client.

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16.11.2018 19:45:59
все ок
24.10.2018 1:34:41
18.07.2018 13:43:35
Всё хорошо, продавец оперативно помог разрешить все вопросы
08.02.2018 12:30:53
Всё замечательно. Спс.
01.02.2018 11:08:24
отличный продавец, все быстро и без проблем!
18.01.2018 20:24:46
все отлично, продавец помог решить возникшую проблему!
11.01.2018 23:18:51
14.12.2017 11:16:52
большое спасибо. с вами приятно работать.
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23.11.2017 20:08:54

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