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50 Rub.

Attention !!!
-The box can only be received once under one account !!!

-If you previously tied your account to another Twitch account and GOTTED Two Wrecking Ball Loot Box, you will not be able to receive the new GOLDEN LOOT BOX, so do not buy a new one!
⚡After payment for the goods, you will instantly receive a Twitch account with the activated status of Twitch Prime (Region Free) ⚡ </ attention>
-Data for login as login: password✅Your account of Twitch Prime will work no more than 1-30 days, consider this before buying and immediately use the bonuses you need!
✅You must necessarily untie the old Twitch account from PUBG and only after that bind the new purchased account, then get the reward

✅Also you can get other TwitchPrime bonuses
✅ To activate PUBG bonuses, you must have a PUBG game/attention
- Activation of PUBG

1. Click the link -
2. Enter the purchased account and click on the "Claim Your Loot Now"
3. Start PUBG.
4. Click on the Twitch icon at the top right of the screen.
5. Follow the instructions to bind your PUBG account to the purchased Twitch account.
6. Return to the game, open the "Store", then "Inventory" to find the received box.
Step 1: Link your Ubisoft and Twitch account here.

Step 2: Log into Assassin´s Creed Odyssey. Your loot will be available in-game the next you log in.

Note: You can only claim your loot on a single platform (PC, PlayStation 4 or Xbox One).

Must own Assassins Creed Odyssey to redeem
09.12.2018 14:00:24
Моментально начислили. Спасибо! Рекомендую
07.12.2018 17:59:56
Всё по-честному! Оплатил и сразу на почту всё прилетело)))
07.12.2018 16:21:59
Все работает, спасибо. Награды пришли моментально.
06.12.2018 16:03:14
Всё супер,плюшки пришли за что очень благодарен.Удачи.
03.12.2018 15:46:09
Всё шикарно) На первый аккаунт не выдавался набор, дали другой. Всё работает. Спасибо вам)))
03.12.2018 14:07:10
Не начисляется камуфляж и танки в аренду
03.12.2018 12:05:00
Все пришло, извините, я был не внимателен, Отличный продавец!
02.12.2018 21:14:33
пришло мгновенно
02.12.2018 20:05:45
02.12.2018 19:20:09
отлично все.

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